Success Stories

success stories

Just one phenomenal customer experience
can make a world of difference when it comes to
word-of-mouth promotion.

Don’t take it from us! Read what some of our clients and candidates have said about the level of service and success we provide. Contact us to become the next candidate we help with a new opportunity and our next satisfied client!

An employee of ours gave her notice right before our busy season. She was with us for six years and had extensive experience. I reached out to Alan Forbes at MSI, the following day. Alan asked questions, and listened carefully to what we needed. Within two days, he came up with two very qualified candidates. We chose one, and were never sorry about our decision.
She is a good fit for our company, and is enjoying her job. I commend MSI for finding such dedicated professional employees. MSI reacts very quickly and achieves great results.

- Richard Annello, Director Credit and Collections

Unlike many recruiters we’ve used, MSI really digs in to find and pre-screen the best candidates. They don’t just rely on job boards, but instead use their significant network to bring top candidates to the process.

We’ve had great success with MSI, and have found that their candidates have become some of our most valued and long-serving employees.

The MSI team really digs in to understand the position for which they’re recruiting, as well as the company and its culture, to make sure there is the best fit between their candidates and the positions they’re filling.
MSI is always my first call when recruiting for a new position!

- Christopher Leonard, President

MSI has been very successful helping us recruit hard to find, very specific skill-set finance/accounting professionals.  It is also a pleasure working with Jody and team…they are always professional and responsive.

- Matt Beekhuizen, Chief Pricing Officer

MSI Recruiting found us our Controller, who is probably the best employee that we ever hired. Their service and follow up to see the deal through was fantastic. She was a person who was going to be in high demand and not only did they find the right person, but they sold her on the value of our company over other opportunities that she had. I am not sure that if we have found
her through other means whether we “closed the deal” as well as MSI did.

- Mark McCormick, President

It is with great pleasure that I endorse the services of MSI Recruiting. I have worked with MSI as both a candidate as well as a customer for over 5 years and they are truly leaders in the recruitment industry. MSI Recruiting has Recruiters who focus on relationship building. Whether it is staying in contact with a high potential candidate until the right client comes along, or maintaining client relations to fully understand their culture and real needs, they have developed a formula that ensures consistent and seamless customer service. MSI’s approach to working with clients and the candidates they refer is impeccable. I have seen how they vet candidates fully through in-depth interviews before presenting them to a customer. They will not move a candidate through the process that they don’t firmly believe in. At the same time, they search the labor market to find unique candidates that are hard to source. As a customer, we have been hard pressed to turn down a candidate sent to us by MSI. When we have decided to do our own sourcing without any luck, MSi has been there to support us and to save the day.

If you are looking for an agency recruiter that will take the headache out of sourcing the right candidate, look no further than MSI Recruiting.

- Mauricio Martinez, Head of HR

With our significant growth in the past few years, MSI has become an integral part of our HR staffing team and I feel as if they are an extension of our organization. They consistently provide us with quality candidates in a number of roles whether permanent or temp to hire. They work hard to find a solution to our needs, no matter how unique our requirement is. I have worked with recruiters in the past that would inundate us with candidates that did not meet our requirements, MSI is different.

-Melanie Marino, HR Director

I have worked with recruiting agencies all my professional career. I can honestly say, working with MSI recruiting has been the most rewarding experience yet. I worked with Christina and Kellen and shortly after, I was hired at an awesome job. Their professional and friendly demeanor made the process as pleasant of an experience as possible.They helped me not only with the initial contact with my new employer, but they were with me every step on the way.  Constantly following up and offering KNOWLEDGEABLE suggestions on how to improve.  They gave me positive and negative feedback when needed and helped me assess my qualifications and skills better than any other recruiting firm has. It truly felt as though they were a part of team Nicole. I highly recommend this firm.
Nicole Naylor, Senior Staff Accountant

I want to thank Stefani for all she did for me earlier this year in guiding me and helping place me at my current job. Working at MSI's client's company these past nine months has allowed me to step up to the plate and learn so much; it has truly been life-changing. I am enjoying working for a company that genuinely cares for their employees and love working with a group of fun and pleasant people. I have found my little niche here and fit right in.

- Amanda Rivera, Graphic Designer

I had the most positive experience working with Alan!  In a matter of days he presented my data to my future employer, and got me an assignment where I could demonstrate my best qualities and get the best compensation available. Alan is a good listener who has excellent communication skills. He has the ability to frankly communicate with candidates without being authoritative. I definitely would recommend Alan to the both, candidates and employers.

- Tatiana Haase, Accounts Receivable Clerk

I was contacted by Kellen in 2012 for a job opportunity. He called me with a job offer that matched my resume, and placed me in my current job, which turned into a career. I have been at that same job for 6 years now all thanks to Kellen and his knowledge in job placement. He is easy to work with and always keeps you up to date with every step. He also polishes you so that you are ready to meet your future career.

- Dania Martinez, Customer Account Manager


I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Kellen Smith, as a world-class recruiter who is also one of the best and the brightest person I have had the honor of knowing. Kellen is a leader with vision and with an engaging attitude that makes him such a huge success. I found in my interactions with him to have the intensity of focus, while partnering with me to clearly provide a perspective on the final outcome. Kellen, effectively connects the wants and needs of the hiring businesses with those of the individual candidates.