Predictive Index

MSI Recruiting is proud to announce a new partnership with Predictive Index, a talent optimization platform that empowers businesses to hire top talent, design winning teams and manage people brilliantly.

Through a series of cognitive and behavioral tests, the platform provides the opportunity to make more accurate predictions about the fit of potential employees for specific roles within an organization.

Using the results and data derived from these insights, it allows us to determine who the best candidates are from a large pool of talent and then narrow them down until only the best remain. As a result, businesses are empowered to make faster and smarter hiring choices based on tangible facts and statistics, not theory or their gut feelings. This significantly reduces the risk of mis-hires.

In addition to a more streamlined interview process and finding the perfect professional fit for your organization, the benefits of the partnership include reduces staff turnover, impartial hiring and increased employee retentions. Recruitment analytics are the future of successful hires, and of successful businesses, with MSI Recruiting and Predictive Index leading the way forward.



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