• Location: Deerfield Beach, Florida
  • Type: Direct Hire
  • Job #10414

SUMMARY: Responsible for the billing and subcontractor and project payable process of the projects and responsible for tracking the financial progress of projects through reporting and analysis of financial data in accordance with company and client contractual and compliance guidelines.

• Technical:
a) Attends turn-over meetings for all assigned new jobs.
b) Sets up and maintains a separate electronic network “Project Folder” for each assigned job and files all documents including owner documents, owner change orders, billings, check copies, etc.
c) Inputs contract information and budgets into ComputerEase.
d) Inputs change orders, Material Purchase orders, purchase orders, and sub mods into ComputerEase.
e) Prepares project billing worksheet to provide to Project Manager to prepare monthly AIA billings.
f) Generates AIA billings to the owners.
g) Reviews and approves all job-related check requests.
h) Processes all accounts payable as it relates to job-related invoices.
i) Reviews overhead statements to ensure that all job-related invoices are in and ready to be paid.
j) Prepares the Project Accountant Checklist on a weekly basis and submits to CFO and Controller.
k) Posts all monthly activity timely for the month end close for Accounts Receivable and Payable.
l) Attends all monthly project review and close out meetings for all assigned jobs.
m) Works on special projects for accounting, as assigned.
• Communication:
a) Communicates effectively with the Project Executive, Project Manager, and Project Coordinator on a routine basis to follow up on any outstanding issues and paperwork.
b) Provides timely and specific feedback to upper management. Specifically communicates any issues or problems before it is too late.
c) Exhibits excellent oral or written communication via email, telephone, and reports (PA checklist).
• Leadership and Attitude:
a) Serves as a positive role model, and always presents a can-do spirit.
b) Displays appropriate assertiveness.
c) Finds innovative solutions to problems.

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