• Location: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
  • Type: Direct Hire
  • Job #10418

Director of Operations and Finance

•    Facilitate the delivery of prompt and effective client service in a manner supportive of our mission and team member satisfaction and success
•    Support the strategic goals of the firm and target driving force as they relate to client satisfaction, team member and management development
•    Support the objectives of the Leadership Team to drive 100% client satisfaction
•    Support the goals and policies of the Leadership Team


•    Implement and disseminate firm operational policies and monitor compliance with such policies
•    Implement and maintain comprehensive business processes that support the acquisition, retention and referral of clients, vendors, and suppliers; implementation of the necessary human resource systems to support a firm-wide recruitment process
•    Promote and implement processes that continually improve the workflow and gain greater results in an effective and efficient manner for our clients and team members
•    Support the Firm in the creation of a team of professional and administrative staff that can support the overall business plan and its implementation
•    Recruit administrative staff
•    Develop internal guidelines and protocols that support our target driving force
•    Develop and implement all human resource support functions, ensuring regulatory compliance with all government agencies
•    Establish a team member reward system that promotes internal teamwork
•    Develop and execute processes that improve firm image, performance, and productivity
•    Create and maintain an environment that facilitates growth and advancement for professional, administrative and support team members who demonstrate the required skills and behaviors to manage high performance work teams that support the goal of obtaining 100% client satisfaction and client retention
•    Support the Leadership Team and its vision and mission of the organization
•    Support the implementation of the firm's strategic plan
•    Support Team Managers by providing information and tools necessary to evaluate and enhance team performance
•    Projects, implements, and manages annual expense budgets
•    Analyze financial reports and provide advice on how to reduce costs
•    Oversee bi-weekly funding of payroll, 401(k), HSA accounts and related reporting
•    Work collaboratively with Managing Partner, CEO and COO to implement strategic firmwide strategies
•    Supervise all accounting personnel
•    Ensure full transparency to CEO and COO regarding the financial performance of the firm
•    Oversee speed and accuracy of accounts payable, receivables and overall distributions
•    Assist with annual audit and coordinate and produce all necessary documentation as required in conjunction with outside accountant
•    Work collaboratively with COO to develop and enforce monthly and annual budgets for each department

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